Quality Assurance

In Hualong, quality is not only the detection of the final process of the production process but throughout the process. We implement a complete set of quality control and assurance systems for precise production processes. Because our products are widely used in industrial, medical, aerospace and other precision instruments, the negligence of any detail can have unpredictable consequences, ensuring that each product is highly reliable. We implement precise production processes, control the entire process of quality, and strictly and effectively control from raw material procurement to production process to inspection and testing to ensure zero defect and high quality. Each batch of stainless steel pipes is sampled, sectioned, tested, tested, and retained as a quality assurance for the final product. Whether it is a semi-finished product or a finished product, each test is carried out at the testing center, ensuring that the entire process is in a good environment. Through quality management training, system standardization, manufacturing standardization, and strict evaluation of suppliers, we ensure the superior quality of our products in every aspect.

Raw material tube inspection control points: 1 Chemical composition retest 2 Surface quality 3 Dimensions

Cold working control points: 1 Dimensional tolerance (outer diameter\wall thickness\length) 2 Surface quality 3 Cold drawing/rolling process execution compliance

Heat treatment control points: 1 Insulation section temperature control 2 temperature recording situation 3 Insulation time or process specified speed compliance

Physical and chemical inspection control points: 1 Finished product analysis 2 Tensile test 3 Flaring test / (optional bending test) 4 Hardness test 5 Inter granular corrosion test

Non-destructive testing control points : 1 eddy current testing ET

Finished product inspection control points: 1 Surface quality 2 Dimensions (outer diameter\wall thickness\length) 3. Product identification.