Our Service

We know that the market is the lifeline of enterprise development, a successful enterprise, and a sound marketing system is the foundation of the entire enterprise. Therefore, based on strengthening internal management and external image publicity, we have been committed to the market. Development and management, to establish a modern market economy and marketing model, and strive to perfect everything from product development, quality management to after-sales service, so that our users can get better products and services.

I, to ensure the quality of products

1. Ensure that the quality management system effectively implements operational standards and implements various work requirements and behaviors within the enterprise, so that product quality meets various technical standards and user requirements.

2. In the whole process of product manufacturing, strictly control the quality, carefully inspect according to the contract, technical documents and relevant standards, and the unqualified products will not be out of the company, and accept the supervision or inspection by the user or the third party entrusted.

3. Fully responsible for the quality of the stainless steel pipe products provided.

II. Guarantee the production progress and timely delivery

1. Strictly deliver according to the time specified in the order contract, and conscientiously fulfill the requirements and terms in the contract specifications, and the delivery period shall not be postal unless the manpower is irresistible.

2. In the process of steel pipe production, if the demand side needs to be suspended or changed due to design and on-site construction, our company will make timely adjustments.

3. After the production of the product is completed, carefully carry out the inspection, and do the work of packaging, shockproof and moisture proof according to the different conditions of the product, and do the site acceptance and handover work. Responsible for delivery to the delivery site according to user requirements, and timely notify the buyer.

III. Guaranteed to provide quality after-sales service

1. Any quality problems caused by our company in the manufacturing process can be solved by our company during the warranty period.

2. The quality problem received by the user during the quality guarantee period, whether it is caused by our company or not, is actively assisted to solve the problem, and guarantees the handling of the treatment within 24 hours. If the on-site processing is required, the service personnel should be dispatched to solve the problem in time, and the customer satisfaction is the first. A standard, ensuring benefits, and improving the credibility of the company.

3. Establish production inspection and technical files for the products to ensure traceability of each batch and product for inquiry. Regular visits to users, paying special attention to user feedback and evaluation, and constantly improve and improve service measures.